Broken Down Ranch

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If there's food on my blog than it must be Friday! Yay! Here I am with your weekly Food Friday! This week I bring to you a snack that has been passed around from tailgate to tailgate where I live. A friend of mine is known for making these Ranch Pretzels so the one day I asked her for the recipe and was surprised at how simple it is to make! I tend to call them "those damn pretzels" because- 1. they are addicting, and 2. my family is always asking me to make them. I told my mom the other day that all the ingredients are here and I'd tell her how to do them but she never did it. 

This is also a great recipe to make if you have children around. It's great to get them involved and then you barely have to do any work! I have my niece help all the time.
Here's what you need:
Large Paper Bag (like grocery or shopping bag)
Dry Ranch Mix (dressing or dip)
Oil (Veggie oil is good- I just had canola oil in the cabinet)
Pretzel pieces (a company near me puts their broken pretzels in bags and sells them. If you can't find these you can also buy sourdough pretzels and just smash them up instead)
Put your pretzel pieces in the brown paper bag and break up any large pieces into smaller ones. Then pour oil over the pretzels, roll the bag closed and shake till coated. I tend to do this a few times until it looks like there is enough oil on the pretzels.
Sprinkle the ranch powder over the oil covered pretzels in the bag. I use one packet of ranch dressing for every bag of pretzels I use. (These pictures are two bags of pretzels and two ranch dressing) Roll closed and shake some more till everything looks coated. You could probably also do this in a bowl if you wanted and mix with a spoon. I tend to find using the bag very stress relieving:)
Pour the coated pretzels onto baking sheets. This is the tricky part-baking. After many trial and errors I've found that baking at 375°F works well. I bake for 5 minutes and then stir the pretzels around and bake for an additional 3-5 minutes, till the pretzels are just a lil brown. Don't worry if there are a few burnt pieces.
Baking helps the oil seep into the pretzels and makes them a little dry. If you make these definitely make sure you have a beer (or root beer for those under 21) on hand to wash them down with. You'll be addicted as well :)
Enjoy! Let me know if you try this recipe out or if you have any variations- I would love to hear. This is definitely a trial recipe- play around with it and have fun!

I hope you all have a great weekend. It supposed to rain most of this weekend which makes me blue especially since I'll be outside 90% of Saturday. I'm helping the brewery that my brother works for pour beer for a local beer expo. Should be a fun time! 

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  1. Good gracious! I loooove these things! I've had them a ton but never gotten the recipe! Thank you :) (Or not - depending on how many of these I eat) ha

    Thanks for stopping by my little bloggie! I appreciate it!

  2. My friend does this too but with Cheez-Its and they are SO GOOD!

  3. I think I may try these today. I think Wes would like them with a little chili powder added. He likes everything spicy. It might be like a buffalo ranch pretzel. Thanks for the recipe! I should start blogging some of our recipes. We have some great ones.

  4. great idea, love the blog

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