Cloudy Skies

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“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun 
and the rain to make its colors appear.”
 Dolce Vita boots, Kohl's Brown Shirt, Gap (very old) tweed skirt,
Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring, FredFlare key necklace, Juicy Couture Birdie on a branch necklace
You know the quote "Give me some lemons and I'll make some lemonade"? I feel that way about rain sometimes- you just have to make the best out of what your dealt with. It has been very cold where I live lately- it even snowed the other day! Snow in May! Crazyness. So to make the best out of this cold weather I decided to break out my boots. I love these boots- just wish they didn't slouch as much as they do.
I wore this outfit to the office yesterday and wanted to snap a picture of it but everytime I went to snap a picture it rained! Talk about frustrating. But I turned around from where I was a saw a bright sky, so I hoped in my car and followed it to a dry place. Alas, as I was taking these photos the clouds came and found me and started to pour. But I made the best of it.
When I wear simple outfits, like this, I tend to dress it up a little more with bigger or more jewelry. I was still a little understated with these necklaces and ring but I felt it added a simple elegance to the outfit. How do you dress up outfits?
Sorry, but I'm of very few words today. It's Thursday and I can not wait for this week to come to an end! Hope you enjoy your night!



  1. vests! i always dress up a "blah" outfit with a weird vest or sorts. i do enjoy jewelry (especially your ysl ring) but i always forget it...and i like your slouchy boots!

  2. Girl, you have the YSL ring??? I'm so jealous!! It's the coral that I want too.

  3. Lovely outfit, your necklaces and the ring are beautiful! Lately I'm obsessed with bloggers shooting locations; this one is a good one too! Either this isn't a frequented road or you're utterly brave :)

  4. Lovely outfit!! The skirt is so nice XD



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