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"To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass 
is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."-Helen Keller

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin"-Gwyneth Paltrow
When I'm feeling sad or uncomfortable, fat or ugly, or just exhausted from my week I always turn to this park by my house that sits on the edge of a state forest. I can spend hours upon hours just sitting in little nooks of the woods, or strolling the endless paths and instantly I feel better. It is like once I step foot on to an unpaved path every thing leaves my mind and I instantly feel happy and carefree. I get some of my best ideas or thoughts when I'm one with nature. Feeling beautiful is not only about being comfortable in your own skin but also about being happy. Lately I've been dressing very comfortable. I'll be the first to admit it but when it's rainy outside, I tend to sacrifice fashion for comfort...but I'm happy which is more important!
 Gap khaki's (on sale here!), Michael Michael Kors sandals, Loft white T, 
Sonoma (Kohl's) jean jacket, Prada Pouch
 This outfit lately has been my staple because I'm so in love with these pants. They aren't the most flattering on me but they are so comfortable that they make me feel happy. I wore this outfit to work a few days ago and then out for drinks afterwards. I'll tend to wear transitional outfits because I don't always have time to run home for an outfit change. I also wore this hiking the other day but wore flats. (brought heels along for these photos)
If you follow me via Twitter (here) you would have seen my messages about snagging this bag a few weekends ago at Neiman's Last Call. This is the Prada Velluto Sera Wristlet Pouch. I think it's from F/W 09-can anyone help with confirming this? I know velvet isn't a normal spring fabric, but I love this little pouch shape and color so much that I just don't care. I also had lusted over this bag when it first came out and couldn't believe I found it at NLC!
Jewelry-YSL Arty Ring, House of Harlow 1960 peacock ring, 
Forever 21 Elephant necklace and Coach necklace (found at outlet store for $150 off!)

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I'm really trying to post everyday- hoping it will drive more visitors :) But yesterday I spent 90% of the day in bed/lying down- my bed, couch or a medical bed. My medical tests went smoothly and my results were negative. Yay! After my tests were done my dad took me out for a quick lunch. I hadn't eaten for over 42 hours and boy was I hungry! After I wolfed down my pizza I looked up and my dad was just staring at me in shock at how fast I ate it. After that we went home and I went back to bed. Anesthesia sure does take a lot out of you. Today was my first day back to work and I'm exhausted! I just want to thank you all for your support over the past few days! I'll try to get back to regular posting :) 

Oh- one last thing. I need your help. I been thinking a lot lately about renaming my blog. What are your thoughts or opinions on this? I've been thinking that when people see the word "whore" they tend to not visit my site. Anyone have a good idea of what to change it to?



  1. I love your walking're so clever! Good luck with the name...'whore' may be a bit strong, but it depends on the audience that you're targeting, it could come across as 'posh'.

  2. lol these walking shoes just made me almost spit my drink out... so cute.

  3. Okay so I guess you've solved the gif problem :D Love the idea with the eyes and the shoes!
    I stop spamming now, have a nice weekend!


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