Dig Deep

"Deep inside all of us a huge potential beckons, 
waiting to open us to the joy, 
genius, freedom and love within." -Brandon Bay
When I saw this Proenza Schouler shirt on the runway I loved it, then I saw the price tag and felt that little crack in my heart ache. I'm so in love with this color combination and when I saw WWD and fellow bloggers DYI shirts similar to this I was excited. I couldn't wait to attempt to make my own. (Shitty-Chic has a great walk through here
But then the best thing ever happened when I was pulling out my summer/spring weardrobe- I pulled this dress out that is very similar to the shirt. The colors aren't as vivid and there is white instead of black- but I don't care. I can't believe I forgot all about this dress! I snagged this last summer before heading to the beach and proceeded to wear it all summer. It's super light and comfy for those hot humid days (like last weekend). Isn't it fun the things you'll find in your closet when you dig deep enough!
What do you think of my Proenza Schouler look dress? Does it make the cut?



  1. it absolutely "makes the cut"! i looove floor-length dresses. closet thrifting is another past-time of mine. if i can't find something to wear, i always look in the corners and voila! i find something spectacular. nothing as awesome as your dress, though ;-)

  2. i just did this DIY as well, steps are on my blog!

  3. You definitely did a great job - looks amazing!

  4. looks great on you -- it's definitely a fun pattern!

    I really need to get myself a maxi-type dress for Summer!


  5. What a stunning dress. Thank you for spreading the maxi dress love!


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