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I know most of you probably already know about most of these sites, but I wanted to try and put a list together with links incase there are a few new ones you haven't heard of before. I'm sure there are some I'm even forgetting but these are the sites I frequent most. What am I talking about you might ask? 

Discount Shopping Sites! Designers will sign up with these sites and offer pop up sales through them with a big discount. You can really score some great deals. I got my Jeffrey Campbell Potion wedges a while back for $69 on They retail for $165! The names some of these companies team up with are unbelievable- Jeffrey Campbell, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, LAMB, Missoni, Rick Owens, Green Ford, D&G, American Apparel just to name a few! Every day a different sale starts but most sites let you know whats coming up in the week ahead so you can be prepared.

One thing to know though is that some of these sites require you to be invited to join or they put you on a wait list. The links below are invite links so you don't have to wait.

Here is a list of the sites I use most:
Beyond the Rack
Gilt Groupe
Billion Dollar Babes
The Sample Sale

I'm sure there are a lot of discount sites I forgot to include, so please comment and leave them below to share with everyone! Let me know if you've scored some great deals also with these sites. 

Whats better than shopping? Shopping and getting a great discount!  


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