Are you as excited as I am? I can not wait for May 27- it can't come fast enough! The girls, the gossip, the clothing, and the shoes! Oh yes the shoes! I would give everything and anything to attend the NYC Premeire on May 24th. ANYTHING! I want to go to the premiere so bad that I even wrote Warner Brothers Entertainment! I'm not going, I never even heard back from them :-( Anyone have any tips or suggestions on how I can score tickets? I know it's a long shot in hell but hey a girl can dream! 

Even though I won't be on the red carpet, or near the red carpet, I will be at the theater with my girls to watch it when it opens nation wide! 
Whose excited?!?! :)


  1. Haha! I love this :) I am super excited to see it too...and all the fabulous clothes!!! xx


  2. TBH I'm a little behind on the SATC topic, but I still have time to catch up :) The movie is going to be fun, I'm quite sure about that!
    I hope you get the tickets somehow!

  3. Im totally laughing at the picture with this post!


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