"The right to happiness is fundamental"~Anna Pavlova
This past weekend was a blast, expensive, but a blast! I was 14 years old when my nephew was born. My sister and him lived with my family for the first 3 years of his life. I look at this boy as my little brother because we somewhat grew up together. Through the years though he's grown up to be a young man who has an attitude to match it. It was difficult for me to make the transition from treating him like a little kid to a teenager but I feel that after this weekend I've done so. 
I spent the weekend in DC hanging out with M while my sister went away. We went out to eat, watched movies, and shopped! This boy loves to shop and he seriously shopped me out! If you follow me via twitter you would have seen pics from my weekend- all you can eat seafood and sushi buffet, movies, and shopping, lots of shopping. My nephew loves sneakers and he had saved a nice little bundle of money to splurge on some new kicks. He ended up with a bag full of stuff along with new kicks.
What does this mean for me? Yes, I unfortunately broke my shopping ban. What can I say, shopping makes me happy, and when I find some great buys that makes me even happier! I do have to say though, that this temporary shopping ban actually taught me a lesson. That is to rethink my purchases before I buy. I had a pile of stuff at Forever 21 and H and M and after looking it all over and thinking about it and how and when I would wear it, I limited each pile down to a few items I knew I would love. I say that this shopping ban wasn't all too bad since I learned a great lesson. Right?
I chipped my nail from climbing the tree...guess that's the tom boy in me!
I wore this outfit shopping on Saturday! It was 94 degrees in DC and I needed something that was light and comfy and easy to take off in dressing rooms. I'm so in love with this large jade ring and this cross necklace is killer- I can wear it many different ways. (both purchases from the night before) What do you think of them?
 Black Shorts and Tank top (under shirt)- Target;   
Vince Over Sized Muscle T; Jeffrey Campbell Potion Boots;
Forever 21 Green Ring and Cross necklace; LOFT bracelet
 Sorry for the extra wordy post today!



  1. I think, of all the outfits I've seen on you, this one's my favourite. I don't really know why, but the moment the first picture was loaded I became WOW.
    It suits you really well! And I LOVE the ring! It also gives the outfit a splash of colour.
    It's kinda badass 80's.. ;)

    xx Sophie

  2. i LOVE all the words :-) it's good to hear that you had fun in DC. i was so afraid of melting i hid inside haha. i really like the color of that ring. it kinda makes the whole outfit. the cross necklace is pretty nifty, too, but i like the ring a whole lot more :-)

  3. First of all, is she the same Tiffany on the pictures as before? This girl here looks different in many aspects - maybe it's the Summer edition of the Tiffany we know. Anyway, if you meet her, tell her she looks very-very good! :D

    As for the shopping: yes, it can be dangerous, especially after/during a ban! :)

    Have a nice day!

  4. Those boots...RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. I love the outfit. I certainly couldn't pull that off. Awesome, awesome, awesome!


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