You know what I love to do more than anything on hot days? I love sitting on the back steps to my yard eating popsicles. Call me a kid, tell me I waste time, I don't care. I love sitting and watching the dogs or nieces/nephews play eating a refreshing treat and reminiscing on the days of being a kid. I still feel like one! It's true I'm getting older but at heart I'll always be a kid.
Ann Taylor LOFT dress, belt from a BCBG Max Azria dress, Pour La Victoire Tarissa sandals
Remember the U Choose post I did where I asked your help picking out a pair of shoes here? Well I had originally bought the KORS Michael Kors Elodie Multi Band sandals, but sadly they looked funny on my feet. So I returned them and choose these Pour La Victoire Tarissa sandals, after loving them on loveMaegan. But I don't know if I like these now either. They feel a little big and they rub the back of my ankles, but I can't return them because I scratched the bottom of the shoe from wearing them outside. (Might sell them on here- they're size 8. If you want them email me!) Buying shoes sometimes can be so frustrating! Don't you think so?
Grape is my favorite flavor of popsicles. I especially love the ones from Schwans because they are only 15 calories! Do you sometimes enjoy treats from your childhood? What's your favorite flavor of popsicles?



  1. Yes, I think buying shoes online is a hit or miss. Better buying them in a store.

    My fave popsicles are the red/white/blue ones that are shaped like a rocket! YUM!

  2. Ur shoes remind me of Givenchy. :)

  3. you know what? i actually enjoy purchasing shoes offline. in fact, almost every single pair of shoes i own is from a store on the internet. i do, however, have quite the strategy when buying them. my favorite dessert from childhood? mangoes and sticky rice ;-)

  4. Oh cute puppies!
    And I love popciscles...never a waste of time. Really cute post!

  5. i adore that shade of blue on you! and how gorgeous are your shoes? i need a pair just like those! :)

  6. those shoes are so cute!!! and i love the last picture with the puppies!

  7. AWESOME choice! And I totally echo the Givenchy comment!

  8. Love the 6th and the last picture :)
    What a shame this pair isn't THE one you've been looking for :( I hope you'll have more luck next time!


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