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Hope every one had a wonderful weekend. The weather was gorgeous here and I tried to spend every little minute outside. Biking, gardening, hiking, going for a run-it truly was a great weekend. Unfortunately now it's raining outside which makes it the perfect day to watch movies. I'm off work today and tomorrow- have some medical tests that I need to have done. No worries-everything is okay, but sadly my blogging will not be up to par this week. I hope you all will understand. I did though want to share with you a few photos I snapped over this weekend.
What did you do over the weekend? I hope you all have a great Monday and hopefully I'll post again soon. Anyone know how to make an animated gif with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8?


  1. What kind of camera do you use? It takes great pictures?

  2. WoW! Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing...

  3. These pictures are very nice, my favorite is the 4th as well!
    I'm not using PS E8, but I've found this:
    and videos on Youtube.


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