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I need some help! Okay, well I need lots of help, but right now I need some shoe help. I was given a gift certificate to one of my favorite sites-shopbop.com and I want to use it on a pair of new shoes. (surprise!) But I need your help choosing which pair. Here is my list of wants:
*must be black and have a heel
*need to wear to the office but yet out and for fun this summer
*wear with skirts/dress, jeans, shorts, capris (ie-everything)
*must be comfortable to trek across campus in

Okay, got all that? I have it limited down to seven pairs by: KORS Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Modern Vintage, Frye, and Pour La Victoire.
Now here are the contenders I've found.
Pour La Victoire- Tarissa Wedge
Modern Vintage-Sage Wedge
Okay, now that you've seen the contenders I need your help trying to decide which ones to get. I'm sort of really like the DVF sandals and the KORS-Royal. Please help!  



  1. I am digging the Pour La Victoire and DVFs. But choose wisely!

  2. My choices would be the KORS Royal Two band, the Elodie Multi Band, or the Pour La Victoires.

    The others are not office appropriate in my opinion and though I love the Fryes, I have a pair of Frye heels and they are not comfy. The DVF seem too clubby and I'm not a fan of suede in the summer! I hope that helps! Enjoy your shoes!

  3. Modern Vintage Sage Wedge. I like the KORS Michael Kors- Rare Open Toe Buckle Pumps, but since you said you needed to be able to walk...trek...across campus a wedge with straps that don't look like they'll rub your skin raw would be perfect.

  4. ha! i've never been good at making decisions. i'm the worst enabler in the world, too. i always say,"get them all!" but that rarely ever happens. so i've decided (yay!) that i will explain what i like about my top choices.

    --my top choice is the DVF pair. the wrap in the front is sassy and you can wear it with some awesome textured tights, a pencil skirt and a secretary blouse while entertaining yourself at work by drooling over your shoes.
    --second is the Frye. i've always said platforms were comfortable. plus it gives an office outfit some much needed zing.
    --my last choice would be the Kors Rare Open. Only because I like the geometric platform. but it honestly looks painful haha. i'm all for a little discomfort but never a complete sacrifice.

  5. I would go for the Catrin Trapunto Three Band!
    But you have to decide for yourself.. ;)

    xx Sophie


  6. I'd say 1. Pour La Victoire, 2. DVF, 3. MK Royal Two Band.
    You've asked via Twitter where ppl get all the money from if they don't work - well, gift certificates :D


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