I'm on Beach Time

With my family's annual beach vacation fastly approaching (2 days away!!) I'm think my work clock has officially been replaced with my beach clock. I'm so on beach time right now! I can taste the Pina Coladas and smell the salt in the air! These next two days are going to be brutal! At least Thursday is my last day of work for a week. I just can't wait to lounge in the sun and catch up on all my magazines and books I've been meaning to read. Just because my mind is no where near fashion right now, and solely on swimsuits and ocean waves I wanted to share some pictures with you from our trip last year.
 Kayaking on the sound
Drinks at the beach
walks and playing around in the evening on the beach
Can you tell I'm excited? Sadly though my brother, his wife, and son won't be going this year. My sister in law is due to have her baby on July 16 and doesn't want to take any chances. They will be missed-but I'm still excited to go! So many new adventures and fun to have. So many memories to make. So much yummy food and drinks to be eaten. It surely will be a wonderful week filled with lots of love and laughter! You can definitely count on seeing plenty of pictures when I get back. Hope you won't mind :)


  1. I'm not sure how close that is to me. But if possible, yes, I would love a meet-up. :)


  2. we have our family annual beach trip in August, I can't wait!!!! enjoy it sweety!

  3. Thats amazing and very cool :)) ENJOY!

  4. ..oooh my ..those pictures are wonderful and so natural..I really love it ..what a beautiful place to be with your family ..your blog is wonderful as well..

    Ellinelle xxx


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