I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I really enjoyed mine and loved spending time with my bestest. It was a great trip with lots of talk and comfortable silences, good food, fun movies, and beautiful scenery. I went from Philly to NYC to Philly and home all in the weekend. I'll post more pictures tomorrow but here are a few from Saturday a my day in Philly.
chatter, drinks, and music when I first arrived
drive into Center City
dinner and espresso at Pietros on Walnut Street
ended the night with Sex and the City 2
Saturday was a lot of fun. I think Tricia and I did three...maybe four outfit changes throughout the whole day :) We did a lil shopping, but surprisingly I didn't buy a single thing! And it was payday!! (gasp) We did go and see SATC2. I won't give any details away but I do have to say I was very disappointed with the movie. I expected so much after the last one and this movie was sort of a let down for me. Did you see the movie yet? What did you think?

PS- If you saw the movie, you'll understand the title of this post :)


  1. ahhhh i miss u already :)))

  2. aww that looks like so much fun. all those food pictures look delicious. i haven't seen SATC2 yet but i've been hearing mixed reviews.

  3. I didn't think that movie looked very good but then again how far can you take a plotline that is primarily based upon ridiculous haute couture fashion & moderately bad acting? You two look so happy together:)


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