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I love weekends when you just lounge around, enjoy moments shared with family, and have adventures right in your own backyard. This past weekend was just along these lines-lounged around a lil, did some thrift shopping, enjoyed many moments with family, had some great talks with my sister, and sort of recentered.
I spent the weekend visiting my sister who lives very darn close to Amish Country. I think it is so fascinating to see these people who live with out all of the technology that we go into withdrawal over if we don't have them near us. These people are happier with their simple life style than most people are with their technology and label filled lives. When I see them it sort of makes me step back and truly appreciate the small things in life that matter the most, and forget about the things that shouldn't matter at all.
It was a great weekend and I love spending time with my sister and nieces and nephew. If you follow me via twitter you would have seen that we tackled Hershey Park on Saturday-yes my shoulders are red and in pain from the sunny weather but it was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun. Sadly I got no pictures from our adventure at the park, but I wanted to share some of the photos I snapped over the weekend while at my sisters.
I love this picture and that they have a bike strapped to the back! There is a mixture of Amish and Mennonite near my sister's place. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. What did you venture into?

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