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I need help...yes, yes I know I say that a lot and it's true I really do need a lot of help especially because I know I should not be buying more shoes and putting it on my Neiman's card since I just paid the sucker off. But wouldn't you know I get a email early this am with a "Best Customer Preview Sale". More or less they just gave me a link to shop the sale early that everyone will be able to shop tomorrow. So here's my dilemma- 1. Should I use my Neiman's card again or just close it? 2. If I do use it, which shoes should I get? I have it narrowed down to these 4 pairs.
The competitors are a simple Prada espadrille sandal, the YSL tribute sandal in purple, Christian Louboutin blue Greissimo Mule, or the Christian Louboutin Zigounette. I have been wanted a pair of Loubs forever and feel like this would be a great opportunity to buy a pair. HELP!! What should I do? I've got the good angel and bad angel on each shoulder and I need your help please!

PS- To those of you who already own Louboutins- I've noticed in some peoples pictures that their soles are still brightly red, and others are all scratched up. What gives? Is there a way to protect it or do you not wear them often? Can you share your secrets with me please :)


  1. Get the blue Louboutins, they look so great! Absolutely love them - very very classy :)) Wish I could afford such expensive shoes, hihi :))

  2. Hm.. All great shoes... I am jealous that 1. You have such amazing shoes... 2. That you can walk in such high heels..! I am so lame... I mostly live in flats. I would say despite it being quite the predicament... the Prada espadrille sandals will def come in handy, and will take you through the whole summer & fall...! :)

  3. Get the Blue CL Gerissimo mules!!!! I love those! And hurry they wont last!

    I think you should keep your Neiman's card, the benefits totally outweigh the negatives, but I really am the wrong person to ask lol.
    As for the soles of CLs, I get the bottom of the sole covered with this matching red rubber sole done by a professional shoe repair. It protects the sole :)

  4. i think you should grab the ysl tributes ! the color is wayyyy prettier than the blue of the loubs.. i think that the blue can get a lil boring overtime.. but those purples are such classics !

    but in the end, its still up to you :) you're the buyer of the shoes !

    good luck finding the right one !

    ohhh for the loubs, you can take them to a shoe repair dude and ask them to add protective layer for the soles. they'll know what to do :)
    they'll prevent the real red soles to get destroyed..

  5. Now this is a tough one! I know you want the Louboutins and it seems to be the perfect opportunity - yet I'd go for the classy YSL sandals, I consider it a more timeless design (+no red soles to worry about).

  6. The YSLs and the Prada espadrilles are the best. If it was me, I'd choose the Pradas because I would get the most use out of them (they are not uber-dressy like the other three).

    I'd just give the card a rest altogether, or wait until you can try them on in the store at least.

  7. YSL! YSL! All the platform Loubies I've ever tried on were SO uncomfortable. But the YSLs are beautiful AND comfy! You deserve it. Charge it today... pay it tomorrow... but don't make it TOO much of a habit. ;)

  8. Blue Christian Louboutins... yes yes yes

  9. you won't regret the blue mules. They look even better on! I have them in a tangy color and I can't get over how much I love them :)
    as for the soles I use photoshop ;) lol
    I am scared that a "professional" might ruin them :/


  10. Get the YSL's I own them and I LOVE them!!!


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