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I hope you are not bored yet of my pictures I took over the past weekend. I literally took so many that I didn't want to overload you all at once so I've broken it up into separate posts. Today I wanted to share with you some of the "artsy" shots I took while in New York City. I could have spent all day walking around Central Park. It's gorgeous and so serene and such a treat considering the fact that your in the middle of a huge city.
some of the church details on 5th Ave.
lunch and entertainment while in Central Park
great friends often shoe alike :)
(my favorite shot by far of the whole trip!)
taking a break in an air conditioned bar :) (picture by Tricia)
Like I said in my last post-I want to get better at photography and the only way to do so is to hear peoples remarks. So please, don't hold back :)


  1. what great photos... and that sandwich look amazing.

  2. I know exactly which church that is! beautiful! Now I want to go back to NYC


  3. The pictures with the guys playing chess is superb indeed! I'm glad you had fun in NY!


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