“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, 
the whole aim and end of human existence”-Aristotle
First I just want to thank you, my readers, who left me (comments) words of motivation and advice on my long and wordy post. I think writing that all down and getting it out of my head helped give me a sense of clarity and helped me realize things about my life. I love you all and I thank you so much for the words of advice you all gave me. You truly rock and you truly are the best. You keep me motivated and inspired and I love you for that. I feel like I'm headed on the right path right now, it might not seem like it, but as long as I'm happy and at peace with myself than that is all that should matter.
My sweetpea, Zoie, came to stay for a few days and after many ugly days of on again/off again rain and gray clouds the sun finally came out to play and we just had to take some of it in. We decided to go to one of my favorite places and take a lil stroll and snap some photos. Wait till you see her photography!
Velvet Dress (from Hautelook sale long ago), Forever 21 ring and necklace
Coach Brooke purse, Steve Madden Malrow sandals
Thank you to Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere for having these sandals on her blog. Yes they are a Miu Miu knockoff, but seriously, I could not afford the real sandals right now and was dying for a more reasonably priced pair. The heel isn't as high as the original but at 5" I think I'm okay without the extra 1/2 inch. They are surprisingly very comfortable and I love the color of them.
I love this dress for two reasons- the colors and it is so light and comfortable. I literally lived in this dress last summer. It's the prefect cover up for the beach but yet still dressy enough to wear out. I'll never grow tired of tie dye.
 Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

I'm going to do a large giveaway soon! When I hit 100 Google Friend Followers I'll post about it :)


  1. Those shoes are the cutest knockoffs! I love this outfit.

  2. you always turn me on to the cutest freaking shoes! I love the clog trend but didn't think i could do it.. these are definitely wearable though!


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