Too Fast

Hi guys! I can't believe it is Friday already. This week has gone by too fast. I have to first apologize. There will be no Food Friday post this week. I realized last night after I got home from the musical that I took my niece to see that today was Friday. I went to make my food and sadly I didn't have one of the key ingredients which we always have in the house. Bummed, I admitted defeat and went to pack and go to bed. I'm leaving early from work to head to Harrisburg for the Harrisburg Brewers Fest this weekend. I'm volunteering for Troegs and will be pouring yummy beer all day for thousands of people. If you're in the area stop by for and drink for a good cause and say hello!
Onto a lil shopping. So I've spent my gift card at, returned what I purchased, bought some dresses which I didn't like on, returned them and now I still have the money/gift card to spend so I've been searching their site everyday trying to find the perfect thing to splurge on. The great things about is that they have free shipping both ways! That's so nice when you buy clothes online. It's hard to guess what size or how it will look, so knowing that I don't have to pay to send it back if it doesn't work is nice and actually makes me want to shop with them.

After my last post you know that I'm obsessed with tie dye. I just makes me feel fun when I wear it. Well I found these two items that I adore. 
 I love the colors in this but it's rather expensive for my taste. 
Would love to see a knockoff!
I'm not keen on rompers only because I think I would look hideous in one, but I really love this one and am seriously thinking about snagging it up. The colors are great, I love the waist detail, and it doesn't look too short. Thoughts? Opinions?
How freaking adorable are these flats? I'm not one to wear closed shoes during the summer, but these are so cute that I would seriously consider it. I love the crochet fabric because it would help keep you feet cool.
This dress has been on my wish list for a while now- it's gone from instock to sold out to instock again in my size. I've been so tempted to splurge on it, but can not quite pin point the reason why I love it so much. The colors are very muted and the design is very simple. 

This season I've been tending to dress very muted. I guess I don't want to stand out and compete against all of the gorgeous flowers blooming right now. How have you been dressing this season? Bright colors? or Muted?

What do you think of my picks? What would you get right now at

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I'm going to do a large giveaway soon! When I hit 100 Google Friend Followers I'll post about it :)


  1. that romper is definitely cute.... I think you should give it a try! and I'm kind of obsessed with those flats now!

  2. Very cute romper Tif, give it a try. LOVE the Tory flats, I bought those 2 years ago and I'm so glad she brought them back this year! Thinking I need a replacement pair!

  3. Im all about dresses and skirts at the mo, so kinda love the shoshanna dress, pity it is so so pricy! Hope you had fun at the beer fest!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  4. That romper is super cute--might be worth a try! ;)

    And I love those flats. So perfect for summer. Sigh.

    I wish I had money to buy something from shopbop right now!


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