Weekend Projects

Just wanted to share with you what I did this weekend.
In the house I live in now (with my parents) we have a few yards: the front yard-visable to everyone, back yard-where we hang out, and the side yard-which is sort of like the junk drawer in the kitchen. The side yard sort of houses a lot of crap- nothing pretty at all. Trash cans, recycling cans, rocks and left over bricks, an old broken freezer, etc. What makes it even uglier is the fact that there are no flowers due to this yard being mostly in the shade. So I got the brilliant idea to make a box to plant Lily's of the Valley (my favorite flower) which love shade. I recruited my dad, because lets face it I'm not the most handy person, and in one day we built it! I covered the bottom with planters fabric and have it held down with rocks till the soil comes, and hopefully soon the freezer will be disposed of. I'm also going to build a little patio out of the bricks for the cans to sit on. I'm so excited! Hopefully next spring the flowers will grow and this side of the yard will be pretty as well. 

I also got to practice my photography skills on my baby niece which was exciting because she took her first steps this weekend! Please excuse the droll in some of the pictures- she's teething.
 I love this picture I sneaked of my sister and the baby in the pool. Hope you're having a great week!


  1. That's great, it's so much fun doing something meaningful :)

  2. Oh my gosh so cute. A baby's giggle is the most magical sound. :)



  3. Well done you, you are far more creative than I. Love that last picture of your sister and niece!

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