87 Dreams

I seldomly post about music, solely because I was trying to keep this blog focused on fashion items. But I had to post about this because I'm in love with Gilbere's music. Gilbere Forte' is a new artist who is going to make a huge splash and take the music industry by storm. His music is memorizing and heartfelt. His rhymes and lyrics are catchy and inspirational. If you don't find yourself hitting constant repeat on his songs that something has to be wrong with you. His album 87 Dreams has been long awaited and dropped today at 12am. Since I've downloaded it I've been listening non stop. There is not one song I do not love!

Gilbere- it blows me away! You are truly an amazing artist! I believe in you and everyone at TeamAnigma! This is the real thing!

What? You wanna hear it? You wanna download it too? For FREE? Okay, you can download it for free and hear it! Download and Listen HERE for FREE!
(Just click on the link to download, and give them your email and zip code. They'll email you a link and then it's all yours to download!)

Make sure to visit Gilbere Forte's site- www.gilbereforte.com 


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