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Have you seen the show "Mad Men" yet? I know I'm probably way behind on this but I just started watching the show from the very beginning (Season 4 starts July 25) and I am in love. The first episode of the first season was a little slow, but by the end of that episode I was surprisingly hooked and couldn't wait to watch the next. Not only is the plot addicting but I find it super interesting to see what life was like back in the 50's. 69 cents for two sandwiches!!! A weekly salary of $35!! 

Then when I watched the second episode and was introduced to Mrs. Betty Draper I was officially a fan and completely hooked forever. I am in love with this woman's wardrobe. I instantly wanted to be a 50's housewife wearing these gorgeous dresses making dinner for my husband who was three hours late and taking care of the kids. I am now on the hunt for the perfect dress to make me feel vintage and chic. 
Anyone know any good sites where I can find dresses like this? Have you seen Mad Men yet? What do you think about it? I'm so into 50's now :)


  1. ModCloth is a great site for vintage inspired dresses!!

  2. I've got trouble..please tell me more

  3. I'm doing the same thing! I'm just finishing the 3rd season and I'm in love. I'm thinking of finding a pattern and making my own Betty dress.


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