Heavy Machine

I’ve been excited for a few weeks now about introducing you to a fairly new shoe brand that I am head over heels (no pun intended) in love with. Let me introduce you to Heavy Machine.
Heavy Machine is founded and designed by Taiwan based Michelle Wu and Yoyo Pan, who met as fashion students and have a mutual love for shoe.  When asked why they decided to start a shoe brand they said: “We felt that we needed shoes that represent our point of view, and also are easy to run away with, on any occasion. We found nothing on the market similar to what we were really looking for, so we created our own.” 
Raised eyebrows… I have tried running in heels and it didn’t work out too well. Sprained ankle, stubbed toe, feet killing in the morning-not a fun experience. However, I have yet to run away in a pair of Heavy Machine shoes. Trust me, if I ever get my hands on a pair of Heavy Machine heels I will fully review the running in them part for you. Till then I can’t tell you if they are as comfortable as I believe they are. Their stunning design and fun shaped heels though will forever make me love them.
I love how each pair is different and how they use many different materials and a gorgeous bright color palette. Heavy Machine shoes are truly a piece of art work. My favorite shoe right now would have to be the Schizophrenic Crossover in blue or the Underground Cloud pumps. I love the colors in the Schizophrenic Crossover but yet I love how simple, chic and fun the Underground Cloud pumps are.
I was saving for a pair but Star (my pup) needs some unexpected surgery, so hopefully by Christmas I’ll be able to fully review a pair and outfit up with them on to show you.

Where can you get them you ask? Well, if you’re in the New York City area you are in luck! You can try the shoes on at Babel Fair or Helianthus. Not near NYC then you can find the whole selection for sale on Heavy Machine’s page (here). 
What do you think about Heavy Machine? What's your favorite pair?


I love the meaning behind the name!
Why Heavy Machine? What does it mean?
High heels should be lightweight and sexy despite everyday expectations. But from a rational health point of view, high heels can harm your feel, legs, and your spine. It causes women to suffer, yet they love it anyway. If we could rename a high heel, we would name it "Heavy Machine", a machine that drives women crazy to sacrifice their health for being sexy.


  1. My fave are bisexual lips, retro story and schizophrenic crossover. :)

  2. Hey Tiffany,

    Thanks for the write-up!!

    We're happy that you like our designs :-)

    Just to let everyone know, we are running a 2 day 40% off SALE on our entire Spring / Summer 2010 line.

    It's only Monday & Tuesday (August 2nd & August 3rd) and you'll need a discount code.

    To get your code, go here --


    Have a great day!

  3. Oh, Jane --

    Bjork walked into our NY boutique store last month and ordered a pair of the Schizophrenic Cross-overs in Green. :-)


  4. Love the shoes but the things they have named them are awful! I like Heavy Machine but Schizophrenic Crossover and Robot fin?? Lol ridiculous!

  5. These are AMAZING. I have GOT to get a pair! Although I love the crazy colors, I think I'd have to go with TIny Eyes... since my wardrobe is all black/white. BUT maybe I could go for a pop of color with the Blue/black Schizophrenic. AMAZING find!

  6. Wow these look really good, superb ideas! I really like the Devils Kiss.
    If you're into such extreme shoes, check out irregularchoice.com. They are my favorite not-so-usual brand.


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