Polka Dots

"Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better" ~Albert Camus
Vintage/Thrift skirt, Kohl's belt, Forever 21 sandals and body suit
When I saw this skirt at a thrift store a few weeks ago I fell in love. The polka dot isn't too over whelming that it kills your eyes, but subtle enough that it makes a fun print. It's also super light weight and airy which is a must in skirts during these warm months. This outfit is very patriotic :) I need to get the skirt altered soon but I couldn't wait to share one of my thrift finds with you. How has your week been? Miss you all!


  1. i'm so in love with this thrifted polka-dotted skirt! :)
    it's fabulous.

  2. You Look Very Classy. I love the pop of Red with the necklace. Well done !

  3. that skirt is a perfect color and length on you and i really like the red necklace.

  4. such a cute skirt!
    it definitely is a summer must :)

  5. Love the blue skirt, very pretty (:

  6. You look very nice again, really; I'm glad we can see a new post from you. Of course I know you'd be happy to have a few more weeks of holidays :)


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