Summer for Crochet

Have you noticed the new fashion trend for this summer yet? Crochet! You know the stuff at craft fairs and on doilies. Crochet is slowly shedding it's homespun image and becoming chic. It became more popular after fashion house Chanel adorned their S/S 10 runway collection with it. Karen from WhereDidUGetThat admitted that crochet is something she's definitely into this summer and she has the most gorgeous collection of crochet dresses. I have to agree with Karen, I'm so into crochet this summer! It just so light and airy and keeps you cool while keeping you covered. Plus crochet is gorgeous! So here is the newest addition to my shoe collection and the start of my crochet collection. The beautiful Tory Burch Rory Ballet Flats. I'm so in love with them right now! Perfect with pants, shorts, dresses, etc. They come in Red, Navy Blue, Coconut Brown, and Tan. They're onsale right now at Saks (here) and (here). Hurry before their gone :)
So tell me- how do you feel about crochet?


  1. I love crochet, and those Tory Burch flats are the best interpretation of crochet I've seen!

  2. Those are Beautiful ! I have some betsey johnson pumps that are crochet that I got a couple of years ago. I will have to post them.

  3. Well your shoes are cute, but don't think you will be seeing me in much crochet this season, its just not really me. But each to their own!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  4. one of my favorite pairs that I have literally worn out!


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