Watermelon Margarita

I'll come right out and say it, I'm a hick! I love sitting out on the back step with bright red juicy watermelon and spitting the black seeds across the yard during a warm summer evening. I don't do it very often but I when I do I have a ball. Hands dripping with watermelon juice after wards, and my mom yelling at me that there will be watermelons growing in the yard next year-it's all so worth it! My nephew and I will sometimes see who can spit it the furthest...he usually wins. I love the taste and smell of watermelon and how it instantly makes me think summer. I also love a good drink and right now as you're reading this I'm probably sitting at the beach drinking one of these Watermelon Margaritas. My sister found this recipe in a Cooking Light magazine (here) and we did a test run of it a few weekends ago. Surprisingly one glass only has 105 calories!
This recipe does include alcohol (hello- Margarita!) but it also very good with out alcohol. (My mom doesn't drink) So grab some Tequila, Triple Sec, Sugar, a Lime, Watermelon, Ice and lets blend up some yummy goodness in a glass!
Crushed ice- I'm thinking of adding the ice in with the watermelon and trying to blend it that way. Will let you know how that works.
I read somewhere to freeze the watermelon a little bit before using. Haven't tried it yet though.

I think I also prefer the glasses rimmed in salt instead of sugar. The extra sugar makes it a lil too sweet for my taste. You can click HERE for the recipe with measurements. If you try this out, definitely let me know. I think it's my new favorite summer drink. 

Tomorrow will be our last day at the beach. We'll pack up and drive the 8 hours back home and sadly I'll have to go back to work on Monday. Don't vacations go too fast? I swear it felt like this week would never get here and now it's over. I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a fantastic weekend! Much love to you all!


  1. this looks beyond delicious! and i definitely enjoy a good slice of watermelon outside in the heat as well :) yum yum


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