Hello! Did you miss me? I've sure missed you guys. I know it seems like forever since I've blogged, but I'm back and so happy! I really needed this past vacation-it truly was a chance to get away, relax and reevaluate my life. Where did I go you ask? Wisconsin-to a lake house on Lake Michigan. The lake house was so serene and reminded me so much of the camp I used to spend my summers at. There was a TV-but only 5 channels, and no, yes NO cellphone service! I tried to tweet while there but usually could only do so when my mom and I were out shopping or visiting the area. 
Vintage dress that I just had cut and hemmed (it was floor length! I'll get better pics soon)
Amrita Singh bracelet (via,  Lace vest from Charlotte Russe (available in store)
BCBG Max Azria belt from a dress, Cobian Flip Flops-these are the most comfortable EVER! I own 7 pairs!!
This outfit is what I wore to the airport last Wednesday. Comfortable, casual, and cool since I know how the airplanes can tend to be warm. I stuck with my long loved and trusted flip flops, but this made me wonder. How do you dress when traveling? Do you go the comfy path or do you dress all up with heels and all? When I flew out to Vegas I dressed up but felt so silly when trying to cart my luggage everywhere. I knew I would have my puppy and wanted to stay safe with flats. So tell me, how do you dress when traveling?
Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Many more posts to come! So happy to be back :) 


  1. For traveling I always stick with comfy. I mean, seriously, I'm not gonna be running around the airport in Louboutins... That's just silly :)) (and come to think of it, girls running on heels and knocking down everything in their way trying to catch a plane aren't really considered stylish by anyone :))
    But hey, comfy doesn't mean ugly of course, as we can also see from your outfit :))

  2. I definitly travel comfy. I do my best to not look like a hobo, but sometimes comfort wins. Especially when I've flown to Europe or California or Hawaii... I just don't care if I look cute if i'm not moving for 6+ hours.... the stretchy pants always win (but at least they're coming back in style....)

    -your non-fashion-forward friend :)

  3. This is a nice outfit for traveling!
    I choose simple outfits for longer trips, I have to remove everything at the airport anyway.
    And indeed, comfy doesn't mean ugly, I hope I still look at least okay :)


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