While I was in Wisconsin my mom and I tried to see everything. We visited a cheese factory, a giant flea market called 7 Mile Fair, and the John Michael Kohler Art Museum in Sheboygan, WI. This museum was amazing. They currently had their Humor Exhibits on display, and I do have to admit that I laughed quite loud at a few of them. I tried to take pictures of the giant talking sock puppet but was asked to delete all picture I took. Who knew you couldn't take pictures at art museums! While telling my mom; who was in the art store looking at jewelry; about the guard yelling at me, the one worker asked me if I had been to the bathroom yet. She then said that photos were allowed to be taken of the bathroom. I thought she was nuts! Like why the hell would I want to take a picture of a bathroom? But I went in anyways and it was breath taking! Every single bathroom in the museum was painted differently. My favorite was the main girl and guys bathroom. (Yes I went in the mens too!) Sadly I didn't snap any of the men's bathroom but here are some pictures I took of the women's. It was neat how the shoes were at the bottom, clothing and jewelry in the middle, and hats at the top! The woman's bathroom was painted in 2005 by Cynthia Consentino.
wearing-Coach butterfly sandals, Pink Target T, Kohl's black skirt, 
Rebecca Minkoff MAB, black necklace from a 7 Mile Fair vendor.
(these last two pictures are from the web)
 Isn't this wild! I wish I had my own pictures of the men's bathroom. It was painted by Matt Nolen in 1999 and was the Social History of Architecture. Here's a picture I found online.
Two weeks later and I'm still amazed by these bathrooms. If you're ever near Sheboygan, WI please stop by the John Michael Kohler Art Center and check these bathrooms out for yourself. They are a must see!


  1. Wow, that's really awesome... Sadly, my fav is the men's :))))))

  2. This looks very interesting, I haven't seen anything like this before (and I don't mean the bathroom :) )!


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