Black, White and Sand

I know these are by far not the best pictures in the world. I tried to snap a few the night before heading home on Monday, but with trying to pack and the sun not cooperating I did not get many shots. Again, this is what I wore while traveling. Same black dress as before but I threw a white cardigan over it this time with a white belt, and my black and white Coach sandals. Let me tell you- I was SO glad I dressed comfortable. I landed in Pittsburgh, PA around 8:30pm and went to pick up my luggage, which never showed up! A airline worker said it was on the next flight and it would be here in a hour...3 hours later my bag FINALLY showed up. I have never be so thankful for flats, and a cardigan in my life. After my bag showed up I drove 2 1/2 hours home...longest day ever!
My fun new jewelry I found at the 7 Mile Fair in Milwaukee, WI. (Which was so huge and had everything imaginable!) It is by no means real, and I am 110% fine with that since I know I woill never be able to afford the real stuff.
Vintage black dress, Charlotte Russe cardigan (purchase here), Chaps from Kohl's belt, Coach Butterfly sandals
I'll try to have my artsy shots up soon. Still have to go through them and edit. I've been so jet lagged this trip, worse than when I went to Vegas. Last night I came home from work and crashed right away for an hour while changing out of my work clothes! Haven't done that in years. Do you have a cure for over coming jet lag? 


  1. You could have fooled me! I saw it and instantly fell in love with the piece!

    p.s. go enter my giveaway! lol

  2. Love the outfit, especially the cardi. I don't think it was the sun not cooperating with you - it was the camera. Cameras have a funny way of working when you're around water. It will adjust it's exposure for the water reflecting and think there is a TON of light, so it will then underexpose you. Next time, expose the shot for the shade, then snap away. :)

  3. do your flip flops have butterflies on them??? love that!

  4. The butterflies are lovely! :)
    Don't be pessimistic, you never know, you might hit the jackpot one day. And it's no big deal anyway, it looks good as it is, and that's the most important!

  5. i always set my phone clock to the timezone i need to get used to right before i take off so i dont even think about what time it really is. totally works for me!

  6. love your blog. followed you!

    love, another shoe whore.



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