Bug Bites

So I originally was not going to post these pictures because they're not the best-lighting was off, being attacked by bugs, and the shirt was accidentally tucked in. But when I stumbled across these pictures last night and laughed out loud at remembering the moment I knew I had to post them. 

This is an outfit that I snapped while out in Wisconsin. First let me say that it was hot and extremely humid while I was out there. Apparently humidity makes mosquitoes breed like crazy. I would walk outside, turn around and walk back inside and have a bunch of bug bites. It was so frustrating and uncomfortable. My mom forewarned me of these nasty lil buggers so I brought out with me a few of the "Off Clip On" for everyone to wear and help prevent the bites. These Off clips really do help...when you wear them! 

So back to the outfit-I was outside with this outfit on for maybe 5 minutes tops with my lil blue clip on but had to full sprint inside because I was being eaten alive. No joke- I had like 30 bites! I was in a muggy area with lots of woods so maybe I woke them up? I ran back to the house, changed, doused myself in bug spray and ran to the beach for a swim. I was pissed off and just needed to relax. 
When I saw this lace top at Charlotte Russe the other day I knew I had to snag it. It looks so much like the top I loved at Forever 21 but could never find in my size. They still have a few left and it's only $20! I also grabbed a basic tank to match for underneath. Wish I could find a nude tank top that matched my skin tone exactly so it "looked" like I was naked.
 Tryin to keep them buggers away....wasn't working!
Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend!


  1. Love this outfit. It's okay if the pictures aren't so great when the outfit makes up for it! Hope the blog naming is going okay. I have one more...Shoe Shopping with Tiffany. Kidding. :)

  2. I like this post.. I can see it now.. you getting pissed off about the bits and the time spent to look so cute... to only then changing and jumping in the water. Love the outfit... and the lace. I actually have a cute lace top I recently got too from Marshalls... it was only $17.99 but it looks so fancy when I wear it to work. Love you


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