Pink Plaid

I just had to share this adorable picture my sister sent me of my two nieces new shoes. While in Wisconsin my mom and I spent a couple hours at the Milwaukee 7 Mile Fair which is a HUGE flea market. They have everything there from fresh produce, dresses, jewelry, socks, antiques, furniture, car bumpers and fenders, dolls, shoes, etc. Seriously-if there is something you need you could probably find it at the 7 Mile Fair. They even had puppies for sale!

While walking the rows and rows of goods I stumbled upon these cute pink plaid high tops for my sweetpea Zoie (she's 10) and knew she would like them. But then when I saw itty-bitty ones for her sister, my niece Grace (turned 1 on the 4th of July), I just knew they had to come home with us. I showed my mom and she was like "get them! We have to get them now!" So here are my two adorable nieces showing off their new kicks for you!!
Aren't they adorable shoes? I love these girls so much- I can't even describe it. Thanks Tara for taking pics and sending them to me! Love you!


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