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So as some of you might know, I work full time in an office at a University. The dress code here when classes are in session is business casual- ie: dress pants, top, heels or flats, sometimes a skirt, or sometimes what ever ends up on my body when I haven't had enough sleep. During the summer we can dress more casual-ie: jeans, shorts, etc. This summer I've been wearing a lot of dresses. I just feel that they are more comfortable when the temperature climbs. Seeing how in my closet there were only a few hanging I sort of went on a dress buying frenzy this summer. 
 LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's dress, random cardigan, Pour La Victoire Tarissa Wedges
I've come up with a problem many times when dresses arrived at my house- they were too short! My niece asked me, "What's too short for work?" It made me think. What is an appropriate length for work when it comes to skirts or dresses? In the winter I can always throw tights on underneath and the length is fine, but in the summer it a whole other story. I have to look professional and don't want to look slutty. I bought this LC Lauren Conrad dress only to have to return it. Looks fine on right? Well when I bend over to pick something up you'd get a whole other view- one that isn't fitting for the office, as my father would say. Some might go ahead and wear it to work, but I like to keep it classy and try to look respectable.
The box? Looks sort of like the one I built here. My dad is building a raised garden box on the side of our yard we don't use much to house our veggies next summer. We have a box like this on the other side of the yard that we have the veggies in but it will be filled with flowers next summer instead.
 Can't believe today is Wednesday! I have so much to do to get ready for my get together at the house on Saturday. I'll post pics :) Tonight I'm taking my niece to see Ramona and Beezus. Has anyone seen it yet?

I was gonna post a picture of me bending over so you could fully understand the length...but I'm not ready to share that yet :) So give me your thoughts on what an appropriate length is. Would love to know what others think.

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  1. I work for a huge hospital/health system in my area and I'm in Corporate Communications. So, most everyone wheres suits and a whole lotta black. That dress is super cute and I would wear an outfit like you have on to work, but yeah, it's too short for my workplace. I usually try to make sure that if I wear a dress or a skirt that the hem is no more than an inch or two above the knee...

    However, have you thought of wearing flats? I've toned down a short skirt with a pair of flats. That always seems to be the trick for me. It gives the illusion of less shortness. I'd hate to see you get rid of that dress because it's super cute.

  2. That's unfortunate, the dress is so pretty!

    I work for a realty company and the attire is also business casual. All my skirts have been just above the knee, but I also find myself wondering the same thing. When I used to work in retail the rule was the same as school - it had to go past your fingertips when your hands are down by your sides, so I think it might be the same here... as long as you don't have awkwardly short arms! lol.

  3. I work at an ad agency and my fashion goal in life is to look professional, so men take me seriously, but also to be stylish! I don't have many dresses I can wear at the office during the summer, because they are all so short. Like you said, some of them can be worn with tights for fall and winter. I think anything more than 3 inches above the knee when standing is too short.

    I like your dress and how you paired it with the cardi!

    I have some workplace office posts on my blog if you haven't checked it out!


  4. love your outfit and that shoes is gorgeous!

    X♥X♥ :)

  5. lately all these dresses are too short. I know exactly what u mean. its too bad because the price is right and I'd buy ALL of LC's dresses from Kolh's is they were the correct length.

  6. the dress is so cute! wish you didn't return it!!!!

  7. the dress is pretty
    but I understand what your saying about wearing it to work
    I think that an appropriate length would be around your knees
    that way it isn't too much

    btw very cute shoes =)

    if you get a chance, visit me at and let me know what you think


  8. Wow that dress was stunning such a shame you had to return but you need to feel comfortable xoxo

  9. Super cute dress. My office is pretty casual, so I probably could wear that dress to work if I didn't have a client meeting (but nothing shorter).

    When I worked in a more conservative environment, 1-2 inches above the knee was my typical rule of thumb... perhaps a little shorter in the cooler months with dark tights.

    Love your blog, by the way! I discovered it from a comment you left over at WhatIWore.



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