Christian Siriano Spring 2011

As I sat here staring at the computer screen waiting for the runway show to start I couldn't help but feel excited and anxious to see what Mr. "Fierce" had in store for us. When the first look strutted out I was in love, lately I've been loving a neutral pallet- these pants and coat just screamed- "I need to be in your closet!" Then I spotted this gorgeous blue tribal print blouse making its way down the runway and I was was hoping and praying the next thing would be dresses of the same material.
And wouldn't you know Mr. Siriano did not disappoint me at all. All I need now is a place to wear these gorgeous dresses to...anyone want to invite me to a ball? :)
I also loved this dress and the matching jacket- it was the perfect combination of very dressy with a little casual thrown in to keep it chic.
Overall I loved Christian's show. It was the perfect mix of Mediterranean/Greek with a touch of African tribal and a flair of Asian. However, the last two dresses left me very confused. His show was very chic and simple but these dresses were over the top and ridiculous. The girls looked like they got in a fight with the leftover material that was laying around the work room floor!
 Oh and I couldn't forget about the shoes! Granted these shoes didn't leave me all hot like his Fall/Winter 2010 shoes (here) but they are still interested...a tad tranny but interesting. I'm curious to see how Payless will tone these down.
So what did you think of the show? What were your favorite looks? What?!?! You missed the show? I've posted it for you below! Enjoy and please share your thoughts with me!

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  1. Ooh cute! I like the couture shoes. I also like the use of bronze colors, pretty and perfect for the fall!

  2. As I remember, it was a great show with interesting dresses and of course shoes. The shoes look "sirianish" :)


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