I Die For Jenny

I know that I am a week or two behind on New York Fashion Week coverage...oh well! I watched many of the live webcasts of the shows, checked photos on style.com everyday and ready many blogs and the one show that is still burnt in my mind is Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2011. I can honestly say that her show is permanently ingrained in my memory forever. The dresses, the one piece suits, the pants and tops, the shoes and purses, all the little details...I die for! Gorgeous, uber girly, serene, beautiful, stunning, breath taking, etc! I just wish I -1. had the money to afford a piece of her (maybe a purse or shoes?) and 2. had a place to wear it to. I would wear the heck out of it! I can dream though, right? Here's just a few of my favorite looks from Jenny Packham's Spring/Summer 2011 runway show.
So here's my dream, and if any of you know Jenny feel free to pass this dream along! hehe My dream is: One gray, cold, snowy winter day I get this email from Jenny Packham's assistant asking me for my contact information because they would like to not only invite me to the next show but would also love to dress me! Stunned, shocked, and humbled I graciously accept. Once at the show I'm granted 5 minutes of Jenny's time and am given an interview! After my interview, flustered and flying high on cloud nine I head to the audience to take my seats a few rows into the crowd and fully continue to drool as her next season struts down the runway. Afterward I run, not walk, run to my hotel to let you all know and share every last detail with you! You're probably saying come on it's a dream-sit front row! I don't want to be too greedy! haha! Oh the fun of dreaming. 

In all seriousness I loved this show. There is not one piece I did not drool over. This collection fully describes my inner and sometimes outer girly-ness. If I could wear sequins, tulle, silk, and flowers everyday and get away with it-I would! What are you feelings toward Jenny Packham's Spring/Summer 2011 show?

PS- Jenny- Call me! Email me! I would love to come to a show!  

Okay, I'll stop begging. Here's the full show in video form:

images from Getty images.com


  1. Wow...gorgeous pieces. I hope that dream comes true, I wanna see pics! ;)

  2. I remember your tweets about this particular show, you really did fall in love with Jenny's work after all! I also hope your dream comes true!


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