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Have you ever had a friend who you don't live near but every time you get together with this friend it is like you two have never parted? That is what my friendship with Tricia is like. (I've told you about her here.) Within 10 minutes of her arriving at my house last Friday evening we were on the couch, pajamas on, with full glasses of wine and deep into conversation-catching up, talking through problems we were going through and just reconnecting. I have never had a friendship like the one I have with Tricia. She knows me inside out- she's seen me through some high points and many low ones, she has stood by me through everything and I will forever love her for the friendship and love she has brought into my life. Our friendship is the type of friendship you know you will have your whole life. 

So onto this weekend-Tricia wanted to come up to celebrate and recreate my birthday since she wasn't here for the actual day. We fit so much into one day! Hiking, swimming, outfit pictures (me playing photographer), dinner, drinks, and just general great girl time. Here are a few pics from this weekend. (Visit her blog at
The yummy Thai Chicken Salad we are addicted to! Best thing on Earth!
I love love love this picture I snapped of Tricia over the weekend. She is so naturally gorgeous and she looks so relaxed and serene in this photo! Photos 3, 5, and 6 are by Check her site for more pictures from the weekend!

I feel horrible that I haven't posted at all this week. Many things have been going on lately-moving is in that mix. So I've been busy going through boxes and boxes of stuff every evening that has been stored for over 3 years. Talk about traveling down memory lane. Ugh! I promise I will post more after the move. Also-on Monday look for the announcement of the winner from the last giveaway. My parents got me a flip camera for my birthday and I really want to do a video to announce the winner, it's just taken me a lil bit to get to it. Video-Cool or lame? Also thought about doing a lil "Tour the Closet" video. Thoughts?

Miss you and love you all!


  1. Cute pictures! I love seeing all of the happiness here.

  2. Can we just recreate this weekend from now on... over and over and over again... It's always so much fun with you and I feel like I can truly be me... the goofy, crazy, nature loving girl haha. Really, thank you so much for such a great weekend and thank you for being the best friend to me. I love you

  3. Make a video! Not lame at all! :))

  4. Aww love the pics! I know what it's like to have a friend like that. It's rare, but when it happens, it's amazing!

    Ooh ooh do a video, that would be so cool!! ;)

  5. Tiff,

    I gotta know - where do you get that Thai Chicken Salad - it looks DELISH! ~Aunt Candy


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