Pink Flamingos in the Pool

So a few weekends ago my best friend came up to visit me and so we could recreate/celebrate my birthday. I love having her around and the time always goes by too quickly when we're together. Tricia ( so was so kind to take me out to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants where we had our favorite salad. (She introduced me to this salad!) Then we headed to a local bar to visit with old friends who she hadn't seen in 4 years! I had a great time and this was the best birthday recreation ever. I was torn about what to wear but I knew I wanted to wear my beloved Prada pumps, so I did the whole color block thing. Keeping the look classy and chic. We didn't get time to snap pictures before heading out so I had to recreate the look this weekend.
Black bodysuit and maroon skirt-Forever21; Belt-Very Vera (Kohls); Heels-Prada;
Clutch-Coach; Jewelry-Chanel, Forever 21, Amitra Sigha, Tiffanys and Vintage
I love this clutch-it has to be one of my favorite Coach pieces I own. I snagged it at an outlet a year or so ago. It opens two ways and the inside is pink. I've used it alot-especially won't I don't need to carry a whole lot of junk.

This title of this post is from the song-Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. I played this for Tricia when she was up and she fell in love with it just like I did. It reminds me a little of our nights out together when we lived near each other and she was in college. Fun times that will never be forgotten. I'll end the post with my jump shot...I think I'm getting a little better with these. Thoughts?
I know I could have totally gotten away with the sequin dress I have hanging in storage or wore something more loud and noticeable, but I really wanted to be chic and simple for my birthday. Kind of make me feel like I'm not growing older-I'm growing more stylish!


  1. That skirt is perfect. I want it. The color...the looks fantastic on you.

  2. have Prada pumps and I have to settle for the the bootleg version of these shoes. Not in the budget....

    Love the 'fit! Glad you enjoyed your birthday recreation!

    I'm doing a babyshower recreation for my best friend in 2 weeks since I totally forgot about it this past weekend.

  3. Lov this outfit on you, you look gorgeous!

  4. This is a great look, you look very pretty! I wonder how many guys wanted to buy you a drink at the bar :)
    The jumps could be your trademark sooner or later!


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