Pistachio Creams

I think this recipe should be renamed "Pistachio Dreams" because since I ate a slice last night I have been constantly day dreaming about eating more. I found this recipe a couple days ago during my lunch break and instantly new it had to be made ASAP. I love pistachios and I love anything cream cheese like! Perfect combo in my opinion. My only complaint is that the crust is too thick. I'm thinking that next time I make this to cut the crust recipe portion in half. 
The recipe is fairly simple and can be found HERE at the BettyCrocker.com website. How do you feel about this recipe?

I can not believe it's Friday already! Time is going by way too fast. Thankfully it's a three day weekend and then Tuesday is my birthday! I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. OMG this looks so yummy!! Pistachio is one of my fav flavors. I need to make these.


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