Time Flies

So yesterday was my blogs One Year Anniversary!! I can not believe it was one year ago when I decided to start a blog-time goes by way too fast as you get older! I started "Yes...I'm a Shoe Whore" for so many reasons. One of those reasons being that I wanted to express myself openly in a place where people would embrace and appreciate the things I had to share and say. That's when I met all of you. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and if I were able to hug you all I would. Your kind words, your words of motivation and love, helping me decide which shoes to buy, helping me find things I've been looking for, being inspiration to me, etc- I truly and honestly appreciate it all!! I look forward to hearing from each of you and I always visit your blogs and adore each of them. 
 I want to take a quick second to address my blog name- I've been taking a poll to see if I should change my blog name to something that would be less...controversial. I've decided against changing it and I thank those who love my blog for it's name. I named my blog, "Yes...I'm a Shoe Whore" because I wanted whore not to be such a bad word but still have that little risque edge. Heels can be very sexy. They can change a drab outfit into something gorgeous and hot. I own a lot of heels and shoes, and when I looked up Shoe Whore in the urban dictionary (definition HERE) 1,2, and 3 all had the similar definition. Shoe Whore: A woman who owns too many pairs of shoes. Well that's me to a T and I'm sure that describes some of you as well. We all have a little shoe whore in us and it's not a bad thing at all. So I'm embracing my name and standing beside it. If it turns you off or away from my site than I thank you for visiting and I'm very sorry to see you go.
As a thank you and a way to celebrate my 1 year blog-anniversary I'm going to do a very large giveaway in the next few days. What am I going to giveaway? How about $200 in Shopbop.com credit! I think that sounds like a good giveaway to celebrate-do you agree? I'll have the giveaway up next week...maybe on my birthday :)
From the bottom of my heart thank you for loving my blog and loving me. Thank you for motivating me and keeping me inspired. You all rock!


  1. Congrats to you for running this great blog, which is much more than just a "whatiworetoday" fashion blog. Keep up the great work (incl. posting the recipes) and I hope to be able to congratulate you many more times in the future!

  2. Aw, well Happy Birthday, blog!
    I've definitely enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing what you wear!

    And the name has never bothered me! As a fellow shoe whore, I quite like it :)


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