Just an FYI- incase you were wondering, if you read yesterdays Crushing post (here), I did snag up that cape before it gets sold out :) I'll post pictures once it arrives. I wanted to share with you some other things that I'm currently lusting over. How scrumptious are these things? They all have that warm cozy feeling that you want in the fall and winter months.
(To see the actual item click on name of item-to see more by that designer click on designer name)

Whats item do you like the most? What are you lusting over this season??

I'm thinking of hosting a competition/giveaway, but wanted your thoughts on it first to see if you would actually be interested in it. My header on my blog is old and boring and I'm sort of stuck for ideas right now. I was going to open it up to all of you- have you design a header for me. I'll then post all entries I get and let everyone vote. The winner will get something fabulous,which I'm still deciding on but I promise it will be something nice and lust worthy. Thoughts? Opinions? 

Hope everyone is having a great week. I've come down with a yucky cold and this cold wet weather is not helping at all. (It was 34 degrees yesterday morning!) It takes every ounce of energy to drive home after work during the day. All I want is some sunshine!! Is it just me or does summer go too fast? Love to you all!


  1. love #1 and #8. I just purchased 2 Jeffrey Campbell shoes (waiting to arrive) so I can't even think about clicking that link

  2. The shoes look very YSL-ish! Regarding all the other items, it looks like you've done quite a research to prepare for winter :)
    I'd be in for a header design contest, why not :)


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