Mandatory Optional

 "Growing old is mandatory, 
but growing up is optional" 
I hope you are not getting tired of me posting old and funny photos of me. I had all intentions of doing the weekly Food Friday post but sadly I forgot to upload my photos and sort of lost my card reader :( I'm hoping to post the Food Friday recipe later this evening. It really is a delicious one so stop back. For now I found some fun pictures that I had to share with you. The first picture is me around age 6 or 7. I miss my long hair!
my niece and I sidewalk coloring...I think I'm like 20yrs old here
This was taken this past summer when I was at the beach. Every day I seriously craved an ice cream cone, any size, any flavor! So I would hop on my rented bike and head to the market to get my ice cream cone and bike back while eating it. I've got skills :) Best flavor combo- birthday cake to fill the cone and then pineapple/coconut on top. It was like a surprise when you got to the cone part!
Like I always say, I'm a crazy nut- I am all about having fun and enjoying life. Last picture-playing dress up at the theater building. This is my 'Ode to 80's' dress!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll be spending my whole weekend moving out of my storage unit and delivering my bed to my sister's house a few hours a way. I'm sure come Sunday night I'll be dead...possibly crippled from lifting things, but I'll feel better knowing that I'm saving money by moving out of the storage unit. Hopefully I'll find time to snap some new outfit posts-I've gotten so many new gorgeous things that I am dying to share with you! Have a good weekend!


  1. Aww so cute!! I love all of your pics, you always look so happy and fun.

    P.S. I got the Shopbop gc's today in the mail, I adore you, thank you!!! xoxoxo

  2. Oh you're good, I don't think many bloggers would show pictures of themselves in situations like these/pictures from their archives.
    The one with the bike & the ice cream is really nice!


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