Nude Clouds

Don't know if you remember but last winter (here) I made the comment that you will rarely if ever see me in leggings or skinny jeans. Considering that this is the second post in a row with me wearing these jean leggings I have to admit I was wrong. I always thought my thighs were to thick to wear tight tight pants, well I just don't give a damn anymore. If people think I'm to big for these pants, well then look away! :) I love these jean-they are so comfortable and so versatile. I can wear them dressed down (here) or dressed up a little with heels. 
 James Jeans Twiggy Crop; Charlotte Russe blue cloud tank; Steve Madden Caryssa Pumps in Blush
Speaking of heels...thank you, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU (I'll literally never be able to thank you enough!) to Dexter of The High Heel Times who saw my dream wish list (here) and was so sweet and kind to want to give me a birthday/blog anniversary present. Few days later these appeared at my door step and I'm in love with them! Yes they are insanely high but surprisingly super comfortable! I've been wanting and needing a nude pair of heels for a while and these are absolutely perfect! One side note-excuse the lump on my right foot, I dropped a book case on my foot two days before and it was quite swollen. And no I wasn't wearing heels when I was carrying a bookshelf.
I really think I'm starting to perfect these jumping photos. I know so many other bloggers do jumping photos...but they're actually a lot of fun to snap. Takes a lot of pictures to get the right one :)
Thank you again to Dexter, you seriously made my birthday/blog anniversary one of the best!! Please go check D's blog, I love and visit The High Heel Times whenever I need inspiration. 


  1. I love your shirt, its got such pretty colors :]

    Thanks for your sweet comment. The pictures were just taken with a 50mm lens. I wish I had a macro or a wide angle lens.

    I've thought about watermarking them and my drawings too. I once posted this random photo of my sneakers covered in cereal online and saw it later a scene/emo kids' myspace profiles everywhere.

  2. nice effing shoes! so gorgeous!

  3. these shoes are awesome. are they comfy though? u have no idea how good they look.
    to answer your question about the blog name change.
    first i dont think yours is offesinve. i mean come on its fashion. people in this industry are pretty open minded or should i wouldnt worry.
    as to why i changed my name it was because it was way too long before. when i bought my domain i also decided to use a one word name. turned out to be a great thing for me.
    so if u arent happy with your name its not too late to change it yet.

  4. First I have to say I love the name of this blog. I added it to my blogroll just so I could see it almost everyday. LOL.

    I am watching a pair of those pumps on Ebay right now.....super cute. I am falling in love with nude shoes....weird.

  5. LOVE those shoes!
    Speaking of, I finally spent the $200 Shopbop gc that i won from your giveaway, I put it toward these! What do you think??

  6. Finally I had some time to visit my fav blogs and obviously this is one of the most anticipated posts!
    I'm glad they fit and you like them. Jumping photos in heels like these? Okay, you're officially a pro :)
    The jeans look good, there's no need for you to worry about this, you look fine (the top is lovely as well)!

  7. Amber- I love what you purchased with the credit! Very HOT!

  8. Fricken love those shoes!

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