Second Spring

 “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower” -Albert Camus
Do you follow me on twitter? If you do, remember the other day when I tweeted how much I loved my outfit (here) and that some guy about fell over himself trying to go into the elevator when I walked by. It was too funny. Anyways- this is the outfit I was wearing that day. I loved how comfy but still chic it was. These boots are one of my favorite pair of shoes currently. They keep me warm but make me feel a lil sexy. 
 thrifted dress and belt, American Eagle cardigan, Old Navy scarf
Dolce Vita boots, Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag,  Vintage (was my dads) Ralph Lauren Chaps coat
Alex and Ani Leaf bracelet, vintage bracelet, Fred Flare Key necklace
I love fall and all of the colors the leaves change but I hate that it means winter is slowly approaching. I love strolling or biking around the park and seeing how the scenery change change. I swear the mountain I drive over every day looks like a gorgeous painting when the sun is shining on the trees. What's you favorite thing about Fall?
Can you believe this week is Halloween and then its November!! Time goes too fast. I can't wait for this weekend though-I'll be traveling to Philadelphia to visit my best friend and then brave the Eastern State Penitentiary-Terror Behind the Wall. Hurry up weekend! Hope you all have a great week....many posts to come-even a few Halloween ones! :)


  1. Those are fabulous boots...I'm in love.

  2. Beautiful fall colors and outfit! Love the moving and leaf shots!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. This is a superb look, no wonder you got that guy's attention. And yes, some say that guys can get distracted every now and then :D
    To answer your question about Fall: on one hand, I don't really like it, temperatures are impossible to calculate, I never know what to wear. On the other hand, it can make parks look amazing, yes.

  4. Great outfit!!! I love your key necklace too! I just got one and I'm obsessed!


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