Walk Like Olivia Palermo

Have you seen this picture yet? I'm sure you have if you read a lot of other blogs. I'm not a huge Olivia Palermo, but when I saw this picture I drolled...over those shoes!! How freaking adorable are they? If you're like me you probably wondered-who makes those shoes? Well look no further because I did all the looking for you. After searching everywhere for them I finally found them on Net-a-porter.com They are by Charlotte Olympia and only cost a measly $1,190! (click HERE for shoes) I'm crushed- I love these shoes so much! I'm not a huge fan for knocking off shoe designs, but can somebody PLEASE knock these off for me! I would love to have them on my feet but can't justify $1190 for shoes.
 Still drolling....

picture from streetfsn.com


  1. Good lord those are gorgeous shoes. When you find a knock-off, please post it!

    Love your blog-



  2. Love those booties, so so cute!

  3. There's a pair of shoes that ShoeDazzle just released called the Candid. They are similar but different material. They don't have the bow, but I'm sure you could find a bow to clip on! (I'm a DIYer!)

    Here's a pic: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150108320250884&set=t.101987301816


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