My Friend Karl

“Personality begins where comparison ends.”-Karl Lagerfeld
I know I have seriously been missing for two weeks now! Yes, I feel incredibly horrible but I am not going to dwell on why I was missing. I'll just say sometimes living and taking care of your life needs to be a priority. With that said I'm sorry I've been missing but I am back and I hope not to disappear on you again. So many new purchases have happened in the past few weeks and I can not wait to share everything with you! 
 Karl Tee by Sauce; Jeans and Blazer-Kohl's; Shoes-Kenneth Cole Reaction; Vintage Coach purse; Tiffany's necklace
When I spotted this shirt last week on I fell in love and had to snag it before it was gone. Meet Karl my new friend! haha :) Now here is a perfect example of why I love you, my blog friends! I wore this outfit to work on Friday and no one knew who he was! My mom was like-"that's a fun shirt...whose it supposed to be?" I gasped-how could you not know who this is! Karl Lagerfeld the genius behind Chanel! Everyone has to know what this god looks like! Goes to show you I live in a town where high fashion and designers are not an everyday topic. sigh...I don't care though- I still love this shirt and I love how he has fangs :) I matched OPI's Vodka and Caviar with it to help pop the color.
What do you think? Are you a fan of my Karl shirt? Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I can not believe Thanksgiving is this week-time goes too quickly!


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