Do any of you have a Wegman's near you or get the Wegman's Menu magazine? If so you might have seen this recipe in it. Have you ever gone to your fridge the day after Thanksgiving craving a turkey sandwich only to find no turkey since you went to someone else's house for Thanksgiving? My family and I hate this so the day before Thanksgiving my parents have a small turkey and thanksgiving meal at their house. My sister and I like to try new side dishes for our little family meal and this year I tested out this Cauliflower and Spinach Gratin. It was a little time consuming and I did not use the products the recipe calls for, but it was so delicious and worth it in the end. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before hand to chop up the cauliflower. Between five of us (and one baby) we ate half of the casserole dish! You can find a printable recipe HERE.
I love that this recipe uses alfredo sauce! I'm a huge alfredo fan :) So let me know if you try this recipe out. (Printable recipe HERE) Would love to know what others think about it. If you don't feel like taking the time to prepare it and have a Wegman's near you-they sell small portions of it in the pre made meals section.

I'm heading down to my sisters tomorrow morning to take my niece out for her birthday. Her birthday is really next weekend but I have my Christmas cabaret I'm singing in so I decided to celebrate a little early. Besides-everyone loves celebrating their birthday for more than one day. I can not wait to give her the presents I got her! Among other things, I got her two years of Teen Vogue! She is a true budding fashionista and I thought this would be very fitting. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. This recipe looks amazing...2 of my favorite things! Have fun with your niece!!


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