Dotted Eves

Happy New Years everyone! I know it's the 5th day of January and I'm just now getting to a post. Time goes too quickly! I hope everyone had a safe and happy celebration! What did you do? I spent the night at the restaurant my boyfriend works at with my sister and a friend. It was a fun night filled with great wine, amazing food, and fun conversations. I am not ashamed to admit that during my holiday break I spent 90% of my time in pajamas-it was break!? Sadly though this means there aren't any outfit posts from break. I will show you what I wore New Years Eve and Christmas Eve. Both outfits were very similar, as well as simple and classy. I had a different outfit planned for New Years, but all that holiday food has my clothes filling a lil tight..haha!
Christmas Eve- Skirt and Shirt- Forever 21, 
Cynthia Rowley stockings via GILT, Dolce Vita Hayword Heels
How adorable did my niece look?! We through on a scarf since it was cold out.
New Years Eve-Vintage black dress (last seen here and here),  
LC Lauren Conrad Lace Jacket, Cynthia Rowley stockings via GILT, Dolce Vita Hayword Heels
New Years Eve- sorry for the pic but somehow I forgot to have my sister snap one for me before we went out. Plus I love this picture with my boy, so natural and oblivious to everything. I didn't even know the picture was being taken.

I got to thinking about my New Years resolutions-last year I wanted to take more pictures and work out more. I accomplished 1 out of 2, which got me to thinking about this years resolutions. I wanted to make resolutions that would change my life for the better. 
1. Change my tone in which I talk to people in
2. Work out more frequently
3. Be more willing to help out when needed
4. Redo my blog and get more followers
What are your New Year resolutions?
I know I keep saying about redoing my is going to happen this year- hopefully with in the next month or so. I plan on revamping it, getting my own domain name, posting more frequently and renaming my blog. What do you think? Would love comments or suggestions!
I want to leave you with this image I took Christmas Eve of the Christ candle. Hope you all enjoy your day!


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