Shank It

May I just say that I am absolutely in love with these boots. Even though the heel is sort of high and there is no zipper to help getting them on or off they are by far so comfortable! The plus- I didn't spend anytime pulling them up. You know how some knee high boots can slide down as you walk around- these didn't which is a huge plus! I wore this outfit last Saturday night when I went out to dinner with a friend. We had an amazing meal-fire roasted shrimp app, wedge salad with home made blue cheese dressing, 4 hour roasted lamb shank (haven't had lamb since I lived in Brazil!), and the smoothest creme brulee I've ever had, along with an amazing bottle of wine. I was surprised I was able to walk out of the restaurant afterwards on account of how much I ate. Is there any better way to spend an evening than with great company/conversation and amazing food?
James Jeans twiggy crop, Victoria Secrets tank and bolero (gift from mom), Dolce Vita Fiona boots
Sorry for the terrible pictures. It's been freezing cold and wet outside lately, so I've been trying to find alternative places around the house to snap photos.  Sadly, none of them are really working so I will be going back outside soon. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Are you ready for the weekend? I AM! My bestest friend is coming to visit! I feel so lucky and loved when she is visiting. Enjoy your day!


  1. So we finally got to see this new pair "in action"! It is indeed very good looking, sounds like it's comfy as well.
    Now I've got to go and find something to eat, the summary of your dinner made me hungry :)

  2. I love all the shoes you post

    follow my blog

    thanks doll:)


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