Killing Me Again-Jenny Packham


If you remember last season I blogged about my love for Jenny Packham's collection (HERE). Well this year Ms. Jenny Packham killed me all over again! Her collection was so gorgeous and different! Last season she did a lot of floor length gowns and girly dresses which she is known for. But this season she wowed me with these leg baring minis that were fun and still so exquisitely detailed. Her spring collection had a touch of 20's/30's in it where this Fall 2011 collection had a rocker edge youthfulness vibe going on. I absolutely love this designer! I don't think I've ever seen one piece that she's designed that I've hated. Granted I would probably wear her Spring collection more than this Fall one only because I loved the girlishness and colors, but this is still a fantastic collection. Sadly her show was not live casted, which infuriated me, but at least there were many pictures to look at. Here are some of my favorite pieces.


Sorry for the bad pictures- for some stupid reason does not have her in their list of designers! Get with it!!

So here is my question- What do I have to do to get invited to next season's show!! Seriously I would give a kidney to go see her show in person! I turn 30 in September and I can not think of any better way to celebrate than sitting in the audience of her Spring 2012 show! Jenny if you hear me please invite me to your show!!

What do you think of Jenny Packham's Fall 2011 collection?


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