MBFW Fall 2011


Have you noticed that I've been very quiet lately? That's because I've been taking in every aspect of Fashion Week via the internet. Fingers crossed that in September I will be in NYC to people watch during fashion week instead. I watched many shows via firstcomesfashion.com and looked through each designers collection via style.com and was left wanting so much more. Maybe because I'm wishing it were spring but I wasn't turned on by many of the shows. Right now I'm not really into the dark and dreary colors. I'm wanting/loving bright vivid bold happy colors, animal prints and anything that sparkles. So in this post I've summarized some of my favorite pieces from a few designers shows.


If you want me to buy a piece of your collection either make it sparkle, look ultra comfortable, or make it animal print! These pieces from these designers are my top looks for NYFW 2011 Fall Ready To Wear and I would seriously love to have any of them in my closet! I do want to say that for Rebecca Minkoff first runway show- she hit it out of the park! Love Rebecca Minkoff! You can watch her show by going to this site http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com

So what were you favorite shows this season? Have a favorite piece?


  1. Michael Kors was good IMO but the one I am still amazed by is the new collection of Herve Leger. Did you see that show? I was sold :)

  2. j'aime beaucoup ce que fait Rebecca Taylor, superbe sélection, j'adore


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