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Gap city flats and cargos (last year), Old Navy basic tshirt, Kohl's-Sonoma jean jacket,
Coach purse, Modcloth Twisting Tree Necklace
Jessica from "What I Wore" did a post the other day (HERE) and it really hit home on what I have been thinking alot about lately. That is- "Why do I have to dress to look thin flattering everyday?" I know what I look like with out clothes on and some day's I just want to get dressed and not care if I look frumpy or fat. (Well most days when I'm up at 6am for work I end up dressing like this.) Society has it in our heads that we have to be a perception of perfection when honestly, unless your airbrushed, no one is perfect.

Saturday I woke up and the air was warm for once. The sun was playing hide and seek all day, and there was a light breeze in the air. I knew I would be shopping all day with my mom- grocery store and errands-and really just wanted to dress comfortable. I didn't care if I looked short and stumpy or fat. I woke up loving myself for who and what I am and dressed for myself. I wouldn't normally post these pictures because let's face it-it's not a stylish outfit. There is nothing amazing that stands out and it doesn't really highlight my assets . But let me tell ya- I was comfortable all day long! Although most days I try to dress to impress, some days you just gotta not give a damn and embrace yourself.

My mom and I passed these old trains in my home town before heading out and she suggested I snap some pictures there. My home town is an old train town- railroad goes right through the middle of town. Actually- parts of the movie Unstoppable were filmed there for that reason. Thanks Mom for taking pictures!

So why do we have it in our heads that we should dress to look flattering everyday? And when we don't look our best we should hid under a rock?
Just one last though-Life is a precious gift and God made us this way and we need to embrace it and love it. Bad hair days or chubby days- we need to be proud of who we are no matter what and show it off. Be gorgeous because people will love you for you and not for what you look like.


  1. what a fun pictures!! I love your outfit, casual but chique :)
    I don't remember where I got the shoes from, but I know it was from a small store somewhere in Paris :) They are so comfortable haha!


  2. nice outfit!. thanks for visiting my site as well!

    Pigalle Passions

  3. Lovly pictures of you Tiffany :) You look great :)

  4. I think you still look gorgeous and chic :) that jacket is gorgeous :)


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