Goodbye My Love

When I first locked eyes with you my heart skipped a beat. I have been looking such a long time for something just like you. Your bright green body and your tall towering heel had my knees weak with excitement. You screamed flirty and fun but with a breath of innocence. When I close my eyes at night all I dream about are the outfits I would wear you with and all the love I would give you. I knew you had to be mine. I truly need you in my life!

I tried everything and contacted everyone I could think of with hopes they would get me one step closer to having you. I even contacted the Miu Miu US flagship store, only to be told that you were not ordered for the US, just your sisters-Red and Blue were ordered. This I thought was insane! How could others not see your beauty and potential! I've searched for you everyday on the same sites hoping they would list you.
I've been sad for a few weeks now because as optimistic as I've been trying to be about finding you, I'm slowly coming to the realization that you might never grace my life.

I did find you online at one site but it was international and I just don’t know if I can come up with the extra money to pay for duties. I even went so far as to contact their US site to see if you would ever grace their pages but they sadly told me to wait. I’ve been waiting 2 months and I’m defeated. I know you can’t put a price tag on true love and I should just pay the duties, but on my small budget just splurging for you is a stretch.
Oh my heart aches just thinking that I will never have you in my life. Red and Blue just can’t compare to you at all! They don’t give me the same excitement you do and could never fill the void I will now have. Whoever will get the opportunity to meet you or take you home should be truly grateful. I’m sorry, but for now I have to part with you and my dreams. I hope someday our paths will cross and you will eternally be mine. Till then my love...


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