Blurred Blooms

Blurring by Dress from Modcloth, Forever 21 cardigan, Chinese Laundry heels, 
Tiffany necklace, BCBG Max Azria belt (from another dress)
When I first saw this dress on I knew I had to have it. It had this vintage chic shape but the lace added a touch of sexiness.  As a little girl I always remember getting a new dress for church service. It was an exciting moment to put on a brand new dress and hop off to church for all to see. When I woke up Sunday and got ready for Easter service I instantly reached for this dress not only because it was new but because it added a bright colorful feel to a gray rainy day. The dress is actually sleeveless and the back has lace as well, but the morning was so chilly and wet that I threw on this crop cardigan for warmth. I almost wish I had a short tulle/crinoline slip to give the skirt a little more fullness. 

I'm starting to realize that I own too many shoes. I'm not complaining at all though. I found these sandals still brand new and wrapped in their box placed in my closet. I do remember buying them a few (3?) years ago and some how I managed to forget all about them. Now that I found them though I'm in love again. 

Can I just say how nice it is not having to wear boots or tights!! Hallelujah it is Spring!


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